Hotel Bnight – the chain hotel of Beauty Hotels Taipei Group. Hotel Bnight is located in Changchun Road, near Linsen North Road, located in the heart of Taipei's commercial bustling district,but also near to the Taiwan Omotesando in Zhongshan North Road fashion shopping district, in addition to fashion boutique street, near Nanjing district, Showtimes Cinemas, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi 1,2,3, and alleys within the creative store, or the underground book Zhongshan Street, from fashion and popular, to the intellectual and laid-back, will make people discover surprises.In addition there are also many famous gourmet restaurants, such as Japanese cuisine or Portuguese guitar Kitchen Shanghai dim sum, or Dim Sum, or toast, Ota Japanese barbecue, or chicken Chuang Taiwanese cuisine delicious dishes can be selected; besides exotic cuisine, there are around Zuojiazhuang meter platform like alfalfa and other cheap food, but also allows diners in droves.

Hotel Bnight is located in a superior location because of the city center, so in addition to fashion culture, shopping, entertainment, Individually convenience store within walking distance of Watsons and other,…such as banks, Cashbox KTV, Clear light market, …etc.
Transportation is also located hub, not only near the Zhongshan MRT station and MRT dual attached station, also close to the bus convergence at the Taipei area, so you can easily reach Taipei Main Station, HSR Taipei Station and other traffic to stop, but also easy to visit Taipei other famous attractions, such as the Shilin Night Market, Taipei Story House, National Palace Museum, Beitou, Danshui Old Street, etc., allowing you to either business trip or traveling, can make your trip more convenient.

Hotel Bnight will bring you a different experience of Beauty Hotels Taipei Group and will be your first choice for the best quality accommodation.

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台北 美系列飯店集團 Beauty Hotels Taipei
台北 峻美精品旅店 Taipei Hotel Bnight
台北 峻美精品旅店 — 極致簡約奢華 輕鬆體驗時尚文化 娛樂 美食
Taipei Hotel Bnight — The trend boutique easily experience fashion, culture, entertainment and food.
地址: 台北市中山區長春路62號6F 
聯絡我們: bnight@beautyhotels.com.tw ✦ 電話號碼: (02)2531-2338 ✦ 傳真號碼:(02)2531-2337
Address: 6F, 62, Chang Chun Road, Zhongshan Dist., Taipei, Taiwan 104
Contact Us: bnight@beautyhotels.com.tw ✦ Phone: (02)2531-2338 ✦ Fax: (02)2531-2337

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台北 峻美精品旅店 Taipei Hotel Bnight

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台北 峻美精品旅店 Taipei Hotel Bnight

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