Hotel Bnight is on Linsen North Road and it's near Shin Shin Department Store, Showtimes Cinemas, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Zhongshan North Road fashion shopping district and Nanjing district. MRT Zhongshan Station and MRT Shuanglian Station is nearby, and Hotel Bfun is close to many bus stops.

  • Museum of Contemporary Art Museum of Contemporary Art The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei is the first art institution in Taiwan dedicated exclusively to contemporary art. The museum has combined its historical architecture with contemporary art, entwining yesterday’s memories with today’s culture and introducing the most innovative and avant-garde visual aesthetics, media technologies, architectural design, and fashion from Taiwan and overseas.
  • Taipei Store House Taipei Store House Taipei Story House is transformed from a 1913 English Tudor-style heritage site. In 2003, Miss K.C. Chen sponsored the establishment of Taipei Story House as a mini-museum to showcase historic cultural life in Taiwan, as well as promote the re-use of historical buildings. Upon entering it, one can experience a variety of cultural activities and exhibitions, witness the golden years of the past century and appreciate the beauty of historical architecture.
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台北 美系列飯店集團 Beauty Hotels Taipei
台北 峻美精品旅店 Taipei Hotel Bnight
台北 峻美精品旅店 — 極致簡約奢華 輕鬆體驗時尚文化 娛樂 美食
Taipei Hotel Bnight — The trend boutique easily experience fashion, culture, entertainment and food.
地址: 台北市中山區長春路62號6F 
聯絡我們: ✦ 電話號碼: (02)2531-2338 ✦ 傳真號碼:(02)2531-2337
Address: 6F, 62, Chang Chun Road, Zhongshan Dist., Taipei, Taiwan 104
Contact Us: ✦ Phone: (02)2531-2338 ✦ Fax: (02)2531-2337

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  • 啃豆坊 Bean Roasters - Coffee Time RD Cafe 深烘焙 - Coffee Time
  • 美之宴會舘 Beauty Banquet - Memories 美之宴會舘 Beauty Banquet - Memories

台北 峻美精品旅店 Taipei Hotel Bnight

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台北 峻美精品旅店 Taipei Hotel Bnight

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